And So It Begins

It was just a matter of time before I began writing about my skiing exploits, and here we are. The snow I had called on came and laid down a soft blanket of love across the landscape of my consciousness. I know that this snow is only temporary and will soon be gone, so in the last week I haven’t missed an opportunity to get out on the trail and get some skiing in. I was up early going through the process of waxing my ski’s and an hour and a half later I was standing at the trailhead into my bindings wondering just how sore I was going to be by the end of the day.
I had forgotten how good it felt to get on the ski’s. how amazing it is to glide along the trail.

Everything is so clear and the senses are heightened, the smell even changes when I’m skiing. It is amazing how we perceive things from moment to moment, even something like snow that has a specific odor while standing on it, changes when you’re involved in an activity breathing it in on that same snow and in the same environment.
Everything changes when you include yourself in a place, you see things differently, smell things, taste things all differently.
I expected that I would need to rest due to lack of conditioning, but as it was the only thing I was having trouble doing was wiping the smile off of my face.
Every kick and every glide was as invigorating as if I had been locked in a cell for the last seven months and have been finally released.

As I got to the turn-around I stopped an stared at everything, I mean everything, the trees, snow, the trail that leads down the hill to the Dunbar Trail a quarter of a mile away. Reluctant blades of grass and the occasional leaf poke out of the snow, tree branches are heavy from the fresh snow and bow down forcing me to duck and avoid a cool dowsing of snow.
I love how calm it is, it always seems calm out on the trail even my dog seems to be drinking in the serenity out here.
For the last several days I have been revelling in the pleasant sun and welcoming snow. Skiing on the Parks Ridge Run Trail and the MDR Trail have been wonderful, a massive release to all the pent-up energy that has been built up inside me over the last month.
It always seems that one of the most amazing moments occurs during the turnarounds and this was no different. I was coming to a stop on the Parks Ridge Run Trail at the quarry when I looked out across the horizon and the most amazing view of Denali appeared before me. The mountain seems so close I felt I could reach out and touch it. I stood there for a time staring at the wonder in front of me. Every time I’m on the trail this world shows me something unexpected and surprising.

The snow is thin and just covers the soil allowing me to get out early this year and I have been taking full advantage of it. Over the last week I have skied every moment I could and each day the snow has become less and less as the snow is melting away. In a couple more days the few trails that have had enough snow on them will no longer be skiable, and my ski crazy friends and I will have to put our ski’s away for a short time and be patient just a bit longer for more consistent skiing.
The sun is out and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, warm and pleasant, I can watch the snow recede from the trails exposing more and more rock and soil.
In a week or two we should see more snow arriving and the trails will receive better coverage and everybody will be happy, and as it is now that I have gotten enough of an appetizer to sideline my hunger for a bit, I can wait for a while longer for more snow to cascade own on my world.

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